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Bestil (potatoes Crockets) Pastella, Benatage

Potatoes croquets, beef stuffings, Tunisian Benatage)

You Need

Mashed potatoes

60gr potatoes boiled & mashed

Salt & Pepper

Stuffing mix (Piccadillo)

1/4 lb ground beff 150 gr

1 onion chopped fine

4 to5 parsley strands chopped fine

2 to 3 garlic cloves crush


1 to prepare mix meet, onion, garlic, parslet oil salt pepper

2 to can ad hard boiled egg, cut in lengh by 4

3 soak and rinse dry and finely chop parsley

later add egg & chopped parsley to the cooked mixture

4 Boil the potatoes in their skin or peeled then mash

add add salt & pepper

6 take 2/3 of the mash potatoes , on clear plastic wrap

spread a line 4 inches wide x 12 long

Place the filling in the center

bring the potatoes edges over & close , showing only potatoes

cut in 6 , if some filling is visible add a bit potatoe and shape it oval

roll delicately the bestila in some flour, then in the egg wash

(egg white & little water & whip)

In a large frying pan 2/3 oil on a high flame

fry both sides till golden

makes 12/16 depending on size

serve hot with a squirt of lemon salt & pepper

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