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Harraqua Libya photo 2018  .jpg
Harraqa  Tosta Caffe  20150604_033947 (1).jpg

Coffee Toasters

for individual house use. It would work over hot charcoal brace (Kanun)

brikh IMG_E0712.jpg

Tea.  Brik.   Coffee Brik Enamel.     & alluminum. Turkish Style

Briq el Kahwa IMG_E0705.jpg
Briq El Kahua DSCN0843.JPG

MAHBES. (The Cage)  Varied size Bowls

Mixing. Bowls of different sizes  The on-over-the-board is USD to protect the meat while is being Kosher in salt 

The process is to soak it in water to remove the blood, then set it in salt and rinse it. 

Mahbes. (meaning cage or prison )was used to cover and protect from the elements & flies from getting to the meat

Mmajna, Mehbas,  QSaa.jpg
a KMAHBES  the cage.JPG

photographs by PninArte 

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