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June 1967

lives turned 180 degrees, from friend to foe.

Thrust into the unknown to become

International Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

This site is dedicated to the Libyan Jew

who has been forcibly uprooted from his home only to 

find a scattered refuge across the world.

To the Jew who has been slaughtered on whims of passing,
to the one taken from his home in the middle of the night

without any attestation to his whereabouts, the precious,

one has no voice at best or no resting place at worst.

A place for you, my fellow Libyan, and any others,
who want to learn, experience, and appreciate
the Libyan Jewish heart.

Anti-Semitic circumstances in my ancestral country forced thousands of Jews to become overnight international refugees in June 1967. To keep the spirit of my people alive, I present deliberation of our once-upon-a-time culture, where our happiness and sadness were experienced. My narrative includes pertinent reflections on the treasure of Libyan Jewish tradition and custom.

I will show a glimpse of the silversmith, the embroider, the scribe, the judge, the distiller, the swimmer, the farmer, the weaver, the coppersmith, and the cook, through their arts.

Acquaint yourself with the rich history and culture of My Libya, through memories and personal collection of photos, poems, and recipes.


The Libyan Jewish ancestry is one or more of: Judean, African Berber, Tunisian, Iberian, Ottoman, British or Italian. All of whom found freedom and persecution but continued to live in Libya nonetheless until *June 1967, when forced by circumstances of hatred to flee with thousands of others, becoming overnight international refugees. My narrative of life journey through anti-semitism told with dates, facts, photos, and poetry.

Libya is not part of the Mashriq nor the Maghred, it is cradled on the northern coast, the center of the African continent, and is divided into 3 regions.


Tripolitania's capital is to the west, Tripoli. Tripoli means 3 cities since during the Punic settlements of the coast including Orea (Tripoli), Labdah (Leptis Magna), and Sabratah, in an area that came to be known collectively as one Tripolis, or "Three Cities."

Cyrenaica's capital is to the east, Benghazi. It used to be called Berenice.

Fezzan's capital is to the south, Sabha.

Other cities are, Leptis Magna, Sabratha Tobruk, Garian, Zauia, Zaura, Gebel Nefuza, Jebel Akhdar, Tahruna, Sharshara, Tengiza, Misurata, Khums, and Barce.

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