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Nurture Essence
Herbes & Spices


Felfel Mbelbel 

A most delicious thick sauce, made with fresh  hot red peppers, garlic,lemon juice and olive oil

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Maqod, Maakod, Maagud

you might call it quiche. Maqod is mash potatoes lots of eggs 

sometimes with addition of peas & cattora, other times was cows brain (delight). Mostly done in the stovetop on a oil preheated frypan Then flipped with a plate and then place again to cook on reverse.

Mafroum  ~  Classic Libyan

Mseyer =pickled veg_ crudite 2016.JPG

Mafroum  ~  Classic Libyan

A sliced potato sandwich, sometimes other vegetables such as carrots, celery, eggplant,cauliflower filled with meat, onion, parsley, eggs & mixed spiced, Flour & Fried. Cooked in a tomato sauce.   Served on a bed of Couscous and vegetable sauce and more flavored  Chershi relish

BESTIL Boiling in POT.jpg

Bestile, Bestil, Pastelles


It all depends with corner of the Mediteraneum you are (Spain, Turkey, north Afroca, similar name same taste with a local twist.  

Mashed potatoes a must This bitefilled with ground meat fresh garlic, cinnamon, parsley salt & pepper ta base!

old times was also with much more


Burick ~ Bouriche.  (Salted)

A fine SKIN created with  flour & water made on a nonstick pan with hand circles.

Filler choices with raw egg, potatoes, parsley, potatoes, or meat picadillo. Always welcomed

quick delight, fry on the spot, hot and a generous squeeze of lemon  

                                                              (Sweet will follow, soon)

Burik 1.jpg

Hreimi, Hraimi

Fish Steak or Fillet cooked in a base of crushed garlic, oil, cumin tomato paste  Felfel Tchuma (hot pepper paste in oil), and salt  Lightly fry in a  shallow pot.  Add some water, and bring to a boil.  Place the already salted and Prince fish, cover let cook till it restricts. enjoy with crunchy challah.  Alaways served Friday night for Shabbat before the Couscus & Mafroum

HRAIME base .jpg
HRAIME in pot .jpg
HRAIME  fish in .jpg


Summer & Winter Winner

based on fresh or can cubed tomatoes, fresh garlic cloves, red regular & hot peppers,basil & salt

Slowly cook,  saute to a thick sauce 

break some eggs, cover, and continue to cook.

some like their eggs running

others with Merges

a spicy lamb meat sausage 

Serve with a hot fresh baguette

a bottle of Beer!!


Bourik Ghreiba Debla


Bulo Bollo Pan del Rei

Sefra /Basbusa & Ghrieba

Sweet favorites to always bring delight to        Celebrations, Holidays.  

 Top:Made with Semolina (cream of Wheat oil & water )

Bottom Flour, powder sugar  & oil

Sefra & Greiba.jpg

Bocca di Dama

Soft and airy almond flour cake, named

 a dame's  lips

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