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A champion he was

My papa who died in 1964??

An open sea swimmer

Fluid Mediterranean aquamarine

Azure were his eyes

With twinkle & smile

Forehead heartshape

With thick eyebrow across

That never frowned

Skub faire as the white

Golden sand he walked

As the sea would murmur

With its waves washing ashore

“ come be with me”

Lean & muscular built

Yet not imposing

Small stature with

A tall personality

He embraced the oil calm

Water with long strrokes

There sin the silent high waters

Is where he found serenity

Under the blazing sun

Searing winds, or roaring waves

It was his harmony

Friday & holidays for purity

As a youth it was his refuge

from the mondane……….

Nonna G-iora knew and despaired

And for that she would pray for his safe return

Competitive times from1920 to 1930

Medals, cups, diplomas, came

During the colonization ??? 10//

Principe Umberto of savoia

Bestowed on him a personal tiepin

Imagine the Prince of Italy

Later years for leasure

A simple gratification

He quikly darted throgh the water


Just him and the sea

Hluma Vittorio Meghnagi

His spirit lives for ever

Across the shores of Tripoli

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