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Grapes: The perfect super food

Summer time all the way to fall

grapes abounded in Tripoli

white, muscat, black, and red

on the vine vitis vinifera

when drunk vino veritas

of alkaline source and mineral rich

we ate it plain and we drank it squeezed

from hand held mill-processor

the grapes would crush and gush

the seed would mush

salutary tartaric acid

the body aid rid itself

of toxin and uric acid

grape juice that would

make our lips pucker

our eyes squint if sour

all the while beneficially

blood purifier

anti – inflammatory

preserver of joint flexing

and skin elastin

best flavor was

friday afternoon

when grapes in season

would accompany

couscous and vegetables soup

sometimes with chicken

yellow squash, carrots

celery, zucchini, ceci beans

others white beans

Mounds in a plate

for kids incentive

with a spoonful conscious

one grape

little I knew

aide to the liver and

bladder functions

salty and sweet

all in one

a late lunch, to await

Shabbat dinner

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