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SHEAK - Shavuot Sugar Cookies

A customary Judeo-Spanish Sephardim to prepare this with the childre.

As a kids I remember my mom would prepare a series of different shapes cookies

later strung on a string, not to be eaten till Shavuot

It symbolized the story of Shavuot the celebration the receiving of the Torah

it comes after 40 days counting of the OMER starting on Pesah,

* scissors

we finnally can get a hair cut

* Latter

Moses went up & down Sinai mountain

* birds

As the Torah was give, the birds did not chirp

*double braied ring

*Double braid intertwined

2 Tablets

* Bag

to carry Humash

*double Monocle

the Torah is read


Symbol: Torah Nevyim Ketuvim

*the basket

a reference to the Bikkim (offering)

brought to Jerusalem Temple

2 eggs

1/2 c. sugar

1/2 c. oil

1/3 tsp amiaca or 1 tsp baking powder

anice seeds

black cumin seeds

sesame seeds


beat the eggs with sugar

all other ingredient

as much flour to have a soft dough


place in preheated oven 350 1/2 hour

The chumas

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