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Final Prosperity  or Best to Posterity

Giohrah and Nanus had in 1904

Chaim Vittorio Hlumah

The swimmer a champion of

the open sea

medium built, high in morals

heart shape forehead

Giulia Saadia he finally married


Penina their first of four

Was born in 1949

Offended the matriarch

She thought, her name was not

Passed on the Sefardic way

Honor the ages as they are alive

Disapprouved Penina, why not

Luli Lulu or Giohrah like

progenies before

All the same in different

Translating jewel

of the Ottoman or Berber way

Offended indeed, she did not

Accept the honor of

Newly Hebrew form

Destiny wanted it found

one day in Israel

as we found her final burial

where her wornout lapide read

Penina Meghnagi

after she emmiigrated 1951 or 52

after Nanus died

surprise mostly to Mamma

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