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Maaqoud African potato omelette

Serves/ Make 6/8


5 medium potatoes, peeled cubed

1 white onion, finely chopped

4 Tablespoons olive oil

2 ggarlic cloves, crushed (optional)

6 eggs

1 bunch of mixed cilantro & parsley finely chopped

salt & pepper

1 tsp or more of cinnamon Optional

peas & carrot frozen optional


Boil the potatoes until tender

drain and mash very well

add lightly browned onions & garlic

In a mixing bowl lightly whisk the eggs herbs salt & pepper cinnamon

gradually incorporate the egg mixture into the potatoes till airy, at this point add frozen peas & carrots if desired

Heat with 2 Tbsp oil a medium frying heavy pan, add the mixture and cook over a medium heat until the bottom is set

at this point you take a large plate, place over the frying pan and flip it over (be careful not get burn use gloves

lightly greese you pan and swiftly & gently slide/move the brown other side

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