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Noukides is a variation of pasta, of couscous.

2 cups flour, make a well, in it crack

1 egg and mixed till a malleable dough is form

Roll into long thin snaky strips,

With small pinches of dough of little oval twirling

by pressing between the thumb, middle finger and index

preferably on the Keskas

and placed on a cloth cover tray, to air dry.

Later in a pot over a medium stove: tomato paste is lightly saute in some oil

water added, a veal piece or beef meat is cubed add into the sauce, salt and pepper, at boiling point the Nukides is added and than in lower flame is left to cook for over few hours, thickening starches creates a chewy and smooth taste.


Tomato Paste

Cur-cum / Turmeric (Vitamin A,C)

salt to taste

on a slow flame thicken the sauce

add water

1 a piece of shank/muscle meat (cubes)

Mix all and bring water to boil

pour in the nukides nuts

lower flame, cook for about 2 hours

should be a bit thick and saucy



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