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Pane e salsa Bread with sauce

It is not for poor or rich

is for delicious it is

for saucy scale

of upper and lower

food was good

means really good

Taste and don’t waste

T-becha bel cammun

Selkq,, Lubia or Tmatem

winners all

As the Italian do the spaghetti

the remaining, sauce stuck to the plate

Nothing better than

A piece of bread or maybe two

To wipe

I say actually clean

The plate

Not for hunger, but mostly pleasure

To some culture a testament to the

Great meal

Some might burp and get a smile

My home and my friends

Taught us, you eat all

Because food is to thank God

your mother,, wife, grandma

If you have.

from the pot

put on your plate

what you need

and Waste not

For there is people who

might not have or have not

so Respect to others

and earth for what it give us

TBecha is a stew

SelQk spinach

Lubia Beans

Cammun Cumin

Tmatem Tomato

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