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Araqui, Bukha,

10:04 pm

ARACKY some call it BUKHA

The Greek call it Ouzo

Turks & Rodeslees Racky

Anisetta in Italian,

Me, Bucka and also

Aracki the Meghnagi brand

90 proof sweet spirit

It is all the one and the same

Dates the sweet dates distilled

Into a light spirit, Anise


All in one flavor

A lucky one my uncle Ciachiu

Distilled the best

He died

my dear friend and cousin

his son too

I miss Davy we never said goodbye

so sweet tender spirit

a run for us

we had in those bottles

in that life

a Tripoli

we have no more

but in the minds

is freshly kept, we store

the memories, the love

will tell more

to you to them and all

the ones that will listen

of a lost land of a lost life

of lost fortunes

and yet

please have a sip

have a shot

one on ice

turning it milky white

BUKHA it is

and we are still

but scattered across the world

savoring still other brands

trying to capture a sip in past

and yet our mind responding

the same is not from figs

not dates or anise.

LeHaim my friends !!!!

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