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NEWWAR ASHEYA  (Evening Flower)

Nature sun dial


as if to say it’s 4:00 O’clock

my petals I can open

a bell light wine color

pistils showing

heart shaped green leaves

shying away from the hot sun

to stay closed sleeping

as to say it is not yet afternoon

Sturdy decorated hedges

The wind, carries the seeds

to spontaneously sprout

a common flower

be anywhere, in the most impossible of crevice

adorning the otherwise plain edges

Hide from the sun to protect the petals colors

Burgundy and violet, wine or ochre

slender belle

To germinate freely

COMMON NAME 4:00 o’Clock

Pistillo IT’S antenna


an instrument that shows the time of day by the position of a sun-generated shadow cast by a fixed arm (gnomon) onto a graduated plate or surface

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