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Tonno Mediterraneo, Blue Fin, Uova di Tonno

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fishing boats would leave in the dark to return at dawn with a wide variety to sell at the fish market.

Growing up I spent many fascinating hours watching how fishermen reel their nets surrounded with corks to keep afloat filling with a catch, after a night at high sea. How they patched the gaps where an opening allowed some fish to escape,sitting on the sand where their boats where half set between sand and water, in the warm afternoon sun.

Tuna is my favorite fish, grill on coals with fresh lemon juice.

Uova di Tonno, Botarga, Tunas eggs pouches, also a favorite is preserved in 2.5 to 3.5 coarse salt and than waxed for long life freshness. Meeza with bukcha spirit, a common sight in Tripoli a company of merry men celebrating life happy moments.

Today tuna is one of the most fished in the world, with commercial fleets with fancy double nets and divers, and it is endangering the fish.

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