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“I’m confident leaving my home in their hands”. We’re committed to earning your trust so you're confident leaving your home in our caring hands. If yoursquo;re regularly on the move and need someone to keep your home dust-free while yoursquo;re away, the Handy platformrsquo;s : maid service professionals wonrsquo;t let you down. A weekly cleaning maid , service will make a huge difference in your quality of life. Next time you ask yourself ldquo;Whatrsquo;s the best, cheap maid service near me?rdquo; look no further than Handy to connect you to a top-rated pro, wherever you might live! Our cleaners have experienced almost all types of homes to clean, whether it’s a home that only needs touch ups to a home that really needs a deep and thorough clean. They have worked around in the industry for a long time and experienced the best cleaning tools, materials and solution that would fit any type of home. Our Sparkly Maids are well trained to know the best methods, practices and products to clean even the toughest and most challenging areas to clean in your home. You can come home to a beautiful, clean home like you've always wanted! Hire our service now and experience what we can offer.private maid#916;document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); All housekeeping staff have a minimum of 3 years experience working in private families and undergo a scrutinising , vetting process. Your safety and well being are paramount to our recruitment team. Simply, our reputation speaks for itself which is why we are able to only offer housekeepers , who have the experience and work ethics to meet our clients expectations. If these problems don#8217;t bother you there are several places to find a private maid. The most common is the help wanted section of your local newspaper. Another good source may be found in local churches. Many churches will have some system of connecting people needing work with those wanting to hire. Don#8217;t ignore your local colleges either. Most will have a job placement program that will match your needs with willing applicants. Naturally, the very best place to find a maid is from a friend or acquaintance currently using a maid that is looking for more work. No matter where you get potential help from always ask for several references and check them all!mobile maids“I am almost impossible to please, but I have been with The Maids for 28 years and they are the best. My current team, team 9, with Tammy, Adrienne and Faith, is the finest of all I have had. You have to experience , their work to appreciate how unusual it is. Overall The Maids are a great value for a great service. Of all the work done in my home by anyone, they are the ones I can always count on.” Jamie Lim, a Korean American who was previously a Trail Maid, wrote her college essay on wanting to be part of the organization because she hadn't seen many who looked like her represented in the group. “The assumption in the market may be that this is a land-grab, perpetrated by Google, for control of data,” he added. “At face value, we don’t believe that to be the case… the last 10 years have brought near-ubiquitous access to mobile computing to consumers and the OS-providers are naturally innovating to enable more configurability to balance capabilities delivered via mobile devices and the privacy controls related for consumers.”


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